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Brewing & Serving

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  • Presley Tea Kettle in Red by Pinky Up

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    Item # 5055

    Why use a boring old kettle when you can have this bright shiny gem grace your stovetop? An item this good looking is worthy of constant display!

    • 70 oz capacity
    • Whistles when water is ready
    • Works on all cooking surfaces
    • Heat resistant handle
  • Harper Ceramic Teapot & Infuser in Red by Pinky Up

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    Item # 5040

    Up your tea game with this perky little pot from Pinky Up! The hinged stainless steel lid, wide lipped infuser, and sturdy ceramic frame take all the fuss out of loose leaf preparation. Clean-up is a snap, so go on and break out those leaves!

    • 20 oz capacity
    • Made of ceramic and stainless steel
    • Drip-less spout
    • Infuser included
    • Hinged lid for easy opening

  • Bailey Ceramic Tea Mug & Infuser in Red by Pinky Up

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    Item # 5035

    Some people are super organized and time everything in their lives perfectly. Others (ahem) brew cups of tea and forget to drink them. The Bailey™ Mug & Infuser protects the distractible ones among us from cold tea by providing a wooden lid to keep it hot. It also doubles as a coaster for the times we forget to grab one!

    • 12 oz capacity
    • Made of bamboo, ceramic and stainless steel
    • Lid doubles as holder for infuser

  • Weighted Tea Infuser & Base in Red by Pinky Up

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    Item # 5094

    Looking for a quick way to brew yourself a cup of loose leaf deliciousness? Look no further. This bright food-grade silicone wonder lets you transform a mug of hot water into liquid flavor paradise, and the included infuser stand answers the age old question of how to prevent post-brew tea drips from getting everywhere!

    • Food grade silicone tea strainer
    • Infuser stand catches water
    • Weighted end makes sure the infuser does not fall completely into your tea
    • Fun, easy way to brew individual cups of tea

4 Item(s)