Tea Ingredients

Red Velvet Cake Loose Leaf Tea

Apple, Yerba mate, almond, beetroot, cinnamon, roasted almond flavoring, green tea matcha.

Dessert, Anyone?
Cake is great and all, but have you ever had all the flavor and none of the calories? Today's the day! Pour yourself a midday treat with a cup of our Red Velvet Cake tea—deliciously satisfying, naturally calorie free, and basically your new favorite life hack.

Confetti Cake Loose Leaf Tea

ineapple, chamomile, orange peel, mango, safflower. with natural flavoring.

Party In A Cup 
Remember confetti cake from childhood birthdays? Good news – it's back! Enjoy the same rich, vanilla goodness without the calories or busting out a baking pan. Our tea is a delicious slice of cake in a cup.