Meet our take on a favorite guilty pleasure—boba tea

Our mission is to create delicious, dessert-inspired, guilt-free teas so you can indulge in a decadent treat at any time. We’ve made teas that taste like cinnamon rolls, red velvet cake, and macarons—so we decided to try to make a tea blend that captures the addictive experience of our favorite boba tea drinks! 


There’s nothing like a delicious iced boba tea as a treat. The origin of boba tea is in Taiwan—it's an iconic Taiwanese tea drink with milk and small round tapioca pearls. Boba has become a favorite for people around the world. But is boba tea healthy? Not exactly: a 16 oz. serving of boba can have up to 440 calories, over 200 from fat, and upwards of 300% of the recommended maximum daily intake of sugar. So we wanted to make a tea that had that unique boba tea taste but without all the calories and sugar, recreating the boba experience in a guilt-free way.

We’re excited to have a healthy tea inspired by boba flavors so everyone can get their boba fix without worrying about a sugar crash.

What is Pinky Up Boba Tea made of?

To create our boba-inspired tea blends, we focused on four delicious flavors and used natural, whole ingredients. Brown Sugar is a classic boba flavor, with black tea and a hint of creaminess from coconut milk sweetened with monk fruit. Butterfly and Mochi Ice Cream both feature green tea and butterfly pea flower which are rich in antioxidants. Mango Guava contains herbal rooibos with mango, guava, and papaya for a tropical, caffeine-free option.

We even included pre-cooked mini tapioca pearls in all the sachets—mostly because they’re cute.

How to make our boba tea

Best of all, our boba tea sachets are so easy to brew.

The pyramid sachet leaves plenty of room for the whole ingredients to expand as they steep so you get all the boba tea flavor, and once you’ve made your tea you can pour it over ice and add milk if you want. 

What is boba tea?

Traditional boba tea is a tea-based drink from Taiwan with small tapioca boba balls in it.

Our boba-inspired tea is a blend of whole ingredients including tea, dried fruit, and spices that recreates some of our favorite boba flavors in easy-to-brew sachets.

Why in a sachet?

We wanted to make things convenient.  Our pyramid-shaped sachets leave plenty of room for whole ingredients to expand as they steep so you get more flavor in your tea. That way, you get the experience of loose leaf tea with the ease of a tea bag.

Is the boba safe?

Yes. The tapioca pearls in our sachets are pre-cooked in boiling water in an FDA-certified facility and tested for food safety.

Where is the tea from?

The ingredients for our teas are grown all over the world, but are blended in California.

Can I put dairy into the tea?

Yes! We love adding milk or alternative milks to our boba teas, although we prefer the Mango Guava flavor without milk.

How many calories are in the tea?

Our Butterfly Boba and Mochi Ice Cream flavors have only 6 calories per serving, while our Brown Sugar and Mango Guava boba teas are calorie free.

How much caffeine is in the tea?

Our Brown Sugar boba has 25 mg of caffeine per serving, the Butterfly Boba and Mochi Ice Cream flavors have 10 mg of caffeine per serving, and our Mango Guava flavor is naturally caffeine free.