Slow Teas-e Mojito

Cocktail by potableperfectionist

Colorful and delicious, this fun take on a mojito uses a variety of tea-infused ice cubes for a drink that changes as you sip. Enjoy this minty, fruity summer cocktail, or leave out the rum for a refreshing mocktail. 

Hydrate Loose Leaf Tea  |  Energize Loose Leaf Tea



2 oz. Butterfly Pea Flower tea infused white rum
¾ oz. Lime juice
1 oz. Red Berry Cooler Rooibos tea simple syrup
Betty Buzz Lemon Club soda
1 dash Remedy Cocktail Company Julep bitters 
6 mint leaves

Fresh mint infused mini ice cubes

Note: Mini ice cube trays or pebble ice trays are ideal for this cocktail, but standard ice cube trays will also work. To make the tea-infused ice cubes, brew tea ahead of time, let cool, and freeze in ice cube trays. For the mint ice cubes, steep fresh mint leaves in water, let cool, and freeze in an ice cube tray.



• Layer the infused crushed ice cubes in a highball glass. 

• In a shaker, combine lime juice, syrup, bitters, mint, and rum. 

• Shake to chill and strain into the glass. 

• Top off with lemon club soda. 

• Garnish with a mint bouquet and edible flower.

As the tea ice cubes melt, the drink shifts, taking the imbiber on a journey through a rainbow of flavors.