Chamomile Martini

Cocktail by potableperfectionist

Want something a little stronger with your cookies? Citrusy and floral, this Chamomile Citrus Martini from potableperfectionist pairs beautifully with a buttery shortbread cookie as a garnish.


Chamomile Citrus Loose Leaf Tea Pouch 

 Chamomile Citrus Loose Leaf Tea Tin


2 ½ oz. Gin infused with Pinky Up Chamomile Citrus Tea

¼ oz. Dry vermouth

¼ oz. Pinky Up Chamomile Citrus Tea


 Add approximately 1 tbsp. of Pinky Up Chamomile Citrus Tea to 10 oz. of gin. 

 Seal and let steep for a week, then strain. 

 Feel free to play with your ratios and infusion time for stronger or more subtle flavors. 


 Combine ingredients in a mixing glass with ice.

 Stir to chill.

 Strain into a chilled glass.

 Express orange peel zest over the drink. 

 Garnish with shortbread.